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Last day at this theatre.
Today was my last day at work with this theatre company. It was supposed to be tomorrow and I had bought my bus ticket a month ago for tomorrow evening because the production manager said he would prefer that we worked the full week but at the end of the day today, the assistant tech. director said that we have tomorrow off and that she will inspect our rooms, and give us our last checks. And that was it! No, thank you for working with us over the summer by anyone, nothing at all. So weird and creepy. I have never worked at a theatre full of such negative, ignorant people. From the very beginning the assistant tech. director wrote me off the first day I met her. I think I made her feel uncomfortable because of how I am so awkward, lol but it never changed with us working together. She was never friendly except when she was trying to get me and others to join her in trying to get the new tech. director fired, which she was able to do last week. It also doesn't help that she is so bizarrely gossipy and gets other people to dislike other people all the time I've noticed and it happened with me as well. And now I just got a text from her about how they are going to check to make sure that we have cleaned all the general areas of the house and that has to pass inspection. There is one room of the house that I have never used, I never had anything in the bathroom except for one small towel to wipe the counter area, used only one spot of a rack in the kitchen that held my four or so things and now I am going to have to clean up everyone else's messes because it's only me and one other person left here. Two people left yesterday, and one last week. I never even ever left any dirty dishes in the sink and always cleaned mine as I used them even though others in the house always had tons of dishes in the sink and there is a lot there now. It's like they are going out of their way to just snub or slight you.

Not to mention that I lost my wallet last night somehow. I am pretty sure I left it at the grocery store but when I went there this morning, they didn't have it. Lately I have been having the problem of putting my wallet down on the little counter while paying for my items and I am pretty sure I left it there last night.

I wasn't even that bothered really by my wallet going missing or with how I knew that people here didn't like me but now at the very end, especially since some people never really got the chance to be I guess even more shitty towards me, there are going to be more overtly more snubs and it sucks that I have to just sit here and wait until tomorrow evening because my bus leaves at 9:30 at night. And not one person even inquired whether I needed a ride to the bus station except for the tech. director who got fired. He texted me the next day and asked if I still needed a ride and he is going to pick me up. And of course, if anyone here even knows that he is helping with a ride, they will just gossip and make all kinds of assumptions, lol. For the most part even though I had to deal with the most absurdly negative, ignorant people in theatre ever, I still enjoyed all the work, and all the things that I learned and just tried to ignore how shitty people have been but hopefully I can still just not be bothered by it. I know that this is just how they treat people.

UPDATE: I found my wallet! It was at the grocery store. I went back there this evening to check and at the customer service desk, they just instantly said they didn't have it which was odd, to not even bother to check with an adviser and there were three people standing there just doing nothing. I went to the checkout aisle of the same cashier I had last night though and I asked her and she told me that they did have it, that they gave it to one of the managers and so I have my wallet back! I was so worried about whether it was going to be a pain to get on to Greyhound, and then with the checks that I still need to cash, along with getting my drivers license and all of that stuff. I am in a way happier mood now. Also with how negative some of the people have been with this theatre, I am not letting it get me down. I do not want to be around or waste my time with negative, mean-spirited people and it's just a good thing that I won't see them ever again and it's nice that the td and I are going to stay in touch. And I am getting so excited to be back in W.V. To hang out with my friend Gretchen, to continue working at the theatre there which I miss so much, and I am excited to start looking for more theatre work in Pittsburgh and want to go there more often. I miss Pittsburgh a lot! I also miss my bike, I can't wait to ride it again. It's been two and a half months since I've ridden it.

And now it's vodka-time! One last night just enjoying drinking and hanging out in my room listening to music, watching movies. I won't be able to do this with the internet connection at my place back in W.V. I'm also going to go for one more walk at night in this neighborhood. I am going to miss my night and morning walks here.

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I'm glad you found your wallet; I know how you feel about the assistant tech director; the owner of the bakery where I work has been that way towards me ever since she bought the bakery -- that was 4 years ago & she has never changed -- gotten worse really --- but not much I can do about that.

take care

It's sad that some people are this way. At least not everyone is.

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