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Do I really need to have this idiotic Axe commercial thing on my lj? This places sucks more and more.

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ugh I hear this. Every time I log in I'm forced to watch some stupid advertisement before checking the flist or writing anything. It's part of the reason I've become frustrated with LJ. D:

I can't stand advertisements, or the way they pop up on here and stay there and you have to wait to click off on them and that Axe one is the most disgusting one to have to endure and you can't click off on it because it's on the side of the page.

I miss old lj.

*nods* I hate the advertisements too, but if it helps.. when one of those ads pops up (the ones that fill your whole screen and say "Wait five seconds" or something), just hit the refresh button. That solves the problem for me :3

Yes, those ones are at least almost tolerable but still annoying when it fills the whole screen almost. This place is so ridiculous with how they are with getting more and more ads. And the owners seem to not notice how much it's affecting livejournal users from wanting to stay here and continue to use lj.

AD can be removed by premium account. But it needs money...

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