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Friends Only
Friends only. Comment to be added if you would like.

hello! you seem cool so I'm adding you :)

I like your interests, definitely added back.


I'm new to LJ and I picked you to be my friend. add me plz!

You already seem like fun. :O)

Hi- I added you from "add me s.a.".

I'm new, I'd like to be added.

I saw your post on addme_sa and decided to add you. I love your Eternal Sunshine & Royal Tenenbaums icons. ;)

I heart those movies. And added back.


It looks like the Saturday poster on 1word1day is out to lunch. Would you like to take over Sat until we hear from them again?

Haven't heard from you. I am going to offer it to the next person in line. You will not lose your place, you will be first in line for the next open space.

(Deleted comment)

Re: you replied to my post in breakingbars....and....

Thanks and you do too. Added back!


saw your post on add_a_radical...may i add you?

hey. saw you on add_a_radical, and you said you were looking for LJ friends. so hello! have a look at my journal to get a sense of the (publicly available) randomness I sporadically post on there.

Hello, and added back!


I saw your post in addme_glbt & saw that we share a bit in common. So, I'm adding you.

We should be friends.


We should be friends.


hi! i'm the mod for RockyPgh. Welcome to the community! i hope to see you at the next show, Friday Dec 26 at The Oaks Theater, 310 Allegheny River Blvd!

Also, please join these groups as well:

e-mail group that anyone can update about anything Rocky going on locally

Flickr group to post and see photos of Rocky in Pgh and Pghers in Rocky!

I still hope Artie (the Strongest Man in the World) will saunter into my neighbourhood. I'm sure he would want us to be friends.

Artie would want us to be friends.


i've seen you comment in a few comms.
you seem like a cool chick :)

hi! i happened upon yr lj and i'm in pittsburgh too. add me?

Commented on your newfriends entry, but thought I'd be persistent and comment here for good measure.

Haha, that's good because sometimes I don't know when people comment on those but am able to know better here for some reason.

Added back and you are from Ames, there is a band I like that's from there, I think.

Hi. Small world. I just saw you on an add comm. I'm fairly new to LJ too, though mostly to try out graphics, so add?

I saw you in ___addwhore , add me if you like and I'll add you back.

Hello, sorry to get back to you so late but I'm adding you now.



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